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Doodles Inspired by Lyrics

by Jaanelle Yee 3

Doodles Inspired by Lyrics | Doodlers Anonymous

Do you ever get so into a song that you begin to visualize it? These sketchbooks are an intense mix of music, writing, and drawing all coming together to make something awesome. The artist is CaliDoso, a self-described quote freak whose imagination catches fire when the right words at the right time click into place.


  1. Oooo! These are great! I have a series of lyrics I\'ve been working on for nearly a year now.

  2. So much fun! This something my cartoonist friends and I do ALL the time. Love the use of type. Cheers!

  3. I\'ve been wanting to do this too. These ones are awesome. I think it\'s time to start mine.

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