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Bold Shapes That Demand Your Attention

by Daphne 3

Bold Shapes That Demand Your Attention | Doodlers Anonymous

There's so much to like about the black and white spreads in Tyler Keeton Robbins's sketchbook. It's like having monochromatic dreams of symbols and patterns. His stark palette, gradients, archetypes, and organic shapes are intended to play in our collective unconscious. "Drawing, painting, or creating anything with impatient urgency," Tyler writes, "allows ideas to evolve before they're corrupted by reason."

Beyond the psychology, his sketchbook art is just plain stunning. I'm mesmerized by how he's created meaning and intricacy and depth with extreme limitation of color, shape, and space. You want to check this out.


  1. Thanks for the love.

  2. Shades and lines, looks great together!

  3. awesome

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