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Drawn Faces Under Construction

by Jaanelle Yee 4

Drawn Faces Under Construction | Doodlers Anonymous

Looking at the lines of a tree can tell you a lot about its life, and the same could go for people. David Cristobal is a Spanish artist whose highly detailed wood people are worth checking out. These portraits are drawn realistically, yet the texture of the wood that they are built from makes it become a surreal experience. I almost want to stick my face right up close to their cracks and peak into what's on their inside. Is that creepy?

Found via our Facebook page. Thanks friends and followers for sharing your work!


  1. Incredible!

  2. Your work is amazing! What medium do you use? Ink, graphite, pencil or maybe something else???

  3. These are beautiful works, nice original idea

  4. fantastic, real talent thank you

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