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Giveaway: Me, You, Us by Lisa Currie

by OKAT 130

Giveaway: Me, You, Us by Lisa Currie | Doodlers Anonymous

We have a really fun book to giveaway this week and it's perfect for all you doodle addicts out there. Me, You, Us by Lisa Currie is a joy for any two people who want to capture moments in the most creative of ways. Just flip to a random page and use the prompts to jot down whatever silly thoughts or sweet memories pop into your brain.

You can get yourself a copy on Amazon or comment below and possibly win yourself one. Here's how to play along, comment on this post by answering: Who would you share this book with? And what are your nicknames for each other?

Details: We will only accept one answer per user. We will randomly draw a winner this Friday, September 5th and announce it on our Twitter and Facebook (so be sure to follow us along on there). Thanks and good luck!

UPDATE: That was fun! We loved reading your nicknames. We pulled a name from the hat, and the winner is: Daniela Alejandra Ortiz Alegria. Congrats!


  1. I\'d share it with my old roommate Reed. He calls me Kiddo and I call him Honey Bee.

  2. I\'d love to share this book with my SO. I call him Ni and he calls me Nona

  3. Who would you share this book with? And what are your nicknames for each other?\r\n\r\ni work 3rd shift for an ACS Hope Lodge (security officer). Cancer patients stay here for free while in treatment. One of my favorite guests is Barbie, I call her my Barbie-doll and she calls me Officer. She has insomnia and usually stays up at night and hangs out with me on my shift. I\'d share this book with my Barbie-doll.

  4. I would share this book with my wonderful, endlessly supportive partner Eric. He calls me beeba (among other things) and I recently called him baba ganoush, my little roasted eggplant.

  5. I\'d share it with myself; Use my left hand to draw one side and my right for the other. Am I ambidextrous? Nope #foreveralone

  6. I will share it with my wife, who has loved my doodles for 20 years (this year). We have many nicknames for each other. I\'ve called her \"Stan\" and \"Boobs McGee\" and even \"Baby Cakes\". She\'s called me \'Pookster\", \"Shweetie\" and \"Tummy\" name a few.

  7. I would love to have this book :) I\'d share it with my other half, we both call each other turk or turkey haha xx

  8. I\'d share it with my boyfriend Steve. Our nicknames for each other are our full names. It sort of defeats the purpose of short catchy nicknames, but that\'s the point! Stevekim and jinchung forever :)

  9. I would share this with my partner, Kelly, who is endlessly supportive of my doodling addiction. We\'re not much for nicknames, but sometimes we call each other \"Honeybun\"...

  10. I\'d share it with my friend that lives in another city. I\'d keep it on monday, wednesday and friday. And she could keep it on tuesday, thursday and saturday. And on sunday we could doodle together! :)\r\nWe call each other \"Caccola\" (like booger).

  11. I\'d share it with my very unartistic boyfriend who I call \'Stubo\' and who, after a rowdy game of Scategories, now refers to me as \'Otty the Otter\'.

  12. I would share this with my fiance (we\'re getting married on 10/11) so we could start our new life together doodling! She calls me Waterblood and I call her Softbones.

  13. Id share this with my partner of 7 years, who I met at art college and will always share a love for doodling together. He calls me Charlitt and I call him Adim

  14. This would be the perfect gift for two very good friends, who after almost a decade together, got engaged last month. Not only as something for them to do together as a distraction from all the wedding plan but a great way to help them come up with ideas for the big day, maybe even a quirky Guestbook for wedding guests to leave their mark on. Their nicknames are Marmalade and Smurph :)

  15. I would share this with my colleague - she is a fabulous doodler and inspires me daily! I don\'t have a nickname for her, but I think I\'ll start calling her Doodlebug now. :)

  16. I\'d share this with my best friend Furzanne. She\'s just got married a few days ago and i wonder if we still going to be the best of friend in the next 20 years. If we do i would like this book to be part of our time capsule. Something for us to look back ang laugh together. I called her Gepen. And she called me with the same name also. Just to annoy each other.

  17. I\'d love to share this with my little sister. She calls me \"big sis\" and I call her sissy. She lives 2000 miles away, but I\'d love for us to pass this back and forth!!!

  18. i would def share this book with my awesome sister.\r\nwe call each other \"Yotch\", which is interpreted as \"Gay\"\r\nin the slang of the Filipinos. gay can also mean happy/happiness and it perfectly suits us because we really are happy when we are together. Also, we are just like the gays/homosexuals who does not defy,deny or hide our \r\nsisterly love and closeness. :)

  19. I would share it with my best friend. I call her Thruf (from the time she miss called Youtube \"Youthruf\") and she calls me Apotamkin (from our Twilight days).

  20. I\'d share this amazing book with my beloved bestfriend for life. I call him Dumpling and he calls me Noodie (originally is noodle)

  21. I would share it with my friend. I call her \'Max\' (our friendship is the MAXimum) and she calls me Maxi. [:

  22. I would share it with my old self. Complete one part now, and the other in 30 years, to have a laugh with what i used to like.

  23. I would share this awesome book with my best friend and soulmate Lenka. We are both going to the same art school and we both love doodling. She calls me Panda and I call her Pumpkin.

  24. I would share it with my girlfriend (also Illustrator!) Miss Cespellón. Me... well, sometimes I\'m Monacle, sometimes I\'m... everyday is different!

  25. Hello there! I would like to share it with my boyfriend Bruno, our nick names are Fininha and Nino. Good luck to everybody!

  26. My adult son and I would have a great time using our imagination. I call him Chubbs (nickname from childhood) and he calls me Devil Woman.

  27. This is awesome. I know so many people who would love this, myself included :)

  28. Id share it with \"Tanyoyo\" (her actual name is Tanya) my best friend! She lives in Canada but when i come to visit surely we will finish the entire book together!, we used to draw in each other\'s schoolbooks during high school and college hehe. She usually call me \"Mariiiii\"

  29. I\'d share it with my long time since child hood best friend Paula. I call her Pola Cola she calls me Butt. We have lived and missed each other 4 years apart. Still talk most days, still visit each other ever now and then, still travel together.

  30. I would share it with my boyfriend, who I call monkey boy, and I am his little lemur. He took me to a pottery cafe for our first date, and we painted mugs for each other that were decorated with things we thought each other would like, which included a monkey and a lemur, hence the nicknames! And a book like this would be such a throwback to that magical first date!

  31. I would share this with my best friend and fellow artist Lindsey. We went to art school together and now live two many miles apart, she\'s in New York and I\'m in florida. I\'d love to share this book with her by mailing it back and forth. We share a tumblr to keep in touch too. She is my Lulu and I am her Panda and although we don\'t see each other often when we do it is like not even a day has passed. That is what true friendship is all about.

  32. I\'d share it with my little brother. He has an interest in doodling too. So it\'d nice to share something together. I call him Kim and he calls me KakLong.

  33. If I won the book I would share it with my 2 year old daughter who already loves to draw & color. Thank you:-)

  34. If I won this amazing book, I would share it with my 2 year old daughter who I call Zz and she already loves to draw & color. Thank you.

  35. I\'d share it with my bestie\r\nAlexxis, I call her sis and she calls me nokia or sis.

  36. I\'d share it with the love of my life, Brian. My nickname for him is Boo Bear and his for me is Ashface.

  37. I\'d share it with my husband and my soul mate, Jorge. We call each other \"peterrum\".

  38. I\'d share it with my love and supportive husband, Tom. I call him Wisent (he burp like wisents) and he calls me Eagle owl (because I - supposedly - splutter like owl when I am angry) ;D Actually, we spoke both Polish so it sound quite caressingly..

  39. I\'d share it with my dear boy, Daniel. I call him dandi and he calls me anni

  40. I would love to have this book! :D

  41. Who would you share this book with?\r\nMy boyfriend. We have sometimes drawn portraits of each other and it was always hilariously fun. I\'m sure doodling on this book would give us many good laughs as well! \r\n\r\nWhat are your nicknames for each other?\r\nWhen we started going out, I told my friends I was seeing \"this dude\". The word kind of stuck with us, and I have called him \"my dude\" ever since. He of course gets back at my by calling me a dude as well. :)

  42. I don\'t share art stuff, others may want to keep it..(.i.e. my sister Debbie aka thief of Artstuff).

  43. I\'d share it with my 10 year old son. He still calls me Momma and I call him Bobert.

  44. I would share with my husband. I just call him Mister and he calls me Lady.

  45. I would share it with my best friend Alex. I\'d just like to open that book one day and see what we wanted and thought was going to happen when we wrote it way back when.\r\nShe calls me Fatt and I call her Lex.

  46. With \"Judía\", my best friend. I call her Bean in spanish and she calls me Tanio, very funny :)

  47. I would share this book with my husband. I am physically disabled so my husband does alot to help me so my nickname for him is Mammy \"Man+Mommy - Pronounced Mah-Mee\". He is my man but also like a Mother to me in how he helps me with my disability. He calls me Keke which I can\'t exactly describe what it means on here.

  48. Id share it with my friend at work, her nickname is Jeca and mine is Kaka. We have our lunch times we draw and discuss about life, would be wonderful to have this book during our work days! ;) Cheers from Brazil.

  49. I\'d share it with my mate Lena, she\'s Horsey and I\'m Sunny!

  50. I\'d share it with my husband. He\'s my boobah and I\'m his Bbd (short for babydoll). \r\n\r\nCheers,\r\nJessica

  51. Id share it with my students.

  52. I would share it with my cute, bearded hubby. I call him \"AndyBear\" and he calls me \"NeenieBat\"

  53. I´d share it with my sister, we are like twins, and we call each other \"Wachi\" i love her

  54. I gonna share this book with my little brother!\r\nHe calls me \"Ah Bui Jie\" (means chubby sis) and i call him \"Ah Bui Du\" back (means chubby piggy)~ XD

  55. I would share this with my very cool son Eli. \r\n\r\nYep, with MY little Eli that I affectionately call Eli Baba, my love, baby, little bear, little bird, my little apricot, handsome, monkey, sweetie, peaches and buddy.\r\n\r\nHe calls me mama...and THAT, means the world to me. Best \"nickname\" in the whole wide world.♥

  56. I would share this awesome book with my best friend. We spend so much time together and I know we both are going to love it and it will be very funny to remeber in the future. We call each other Ribs and Kapico hahaha there are te names of our personal branding

  57. I would share this with my daughter. She is just learning how to doodle and man, she\'s pretty fantastic already. I call her monkey time and she calls me mama. ;)

  58. i\'d like to share it with my boyfriend! we call him buta ( piggy in Japanese ) and he calls me kobuta ( piglet in Japanese ) I really need this because it will be amazing gift for his birthday this month!

  59. i would share this book with my good friend who introduce me to doodling for the very first time! since that, i love doodling and can stop make one. we call each other by name.. but sometimes i call him goonie :)

  60. I\'d share this book with my boyfriend Jeff. He calls me \"m\" and I call him \"e\" - in reference to Mooch and Earl, the amazing cat and dog buddies in the comic strip Mutts. Jeff, who is wonderful, started this silliness when I got him The Gift of Nothing for his birthday.

  61. I would share this with my husband. He calls me Shaz and I call him Daz (yes we are Darren and Sharon)...

  62. I\'d share this with my sister. She\'s a bit introvert but she has a very good talent at doodling. She calls me Tengil (or Wimpy, in english) and I call her Nduti (which means fat cute girl) :))

  63. ooooh, please pick me!! :D\r\nI\'ll share with my beloved japanese husband!!!!\r\nNext week is our wedding anniversary, and as we\'ll begin our seventh year together I would like to use it to avoid the terrible seventh year crises!!! ;)\r\nOur nick-names are Isa & Mune (or Isamaru & Munetarou) cheers xxx

  64. I would share this with myself, and then everyone I think would appreciate

  65. I would share this book with my daughter, we both love to doodle, I call her Bubs and she calls me Mumma 💖

  66. I would share it with my South American Man Sebastian. \r\n\r\nI call him Sabbah and he calls me Sezzy-Lu

  67. I would share this book with myself lol

  68. I would share it with my boyfriend Sam. We don\'t often call each other names (affectionate ones anyway)! Sometimes \'babes\'!

  69. I would share this with my husband to be. He has lots of nicknames for me and I have matching ones for him. When he calls me Chicken, I call him Chips. He often says \' Are you doodling again?\' With this book I\'d be able to say \'Come and join me.\'

  70. I\'d like to share the book with the kid in me. I call her kido, she calls me lazy.

  71. Share it with my lil girl.We are bunny and kitten ♥

  72. I\'d share it with my new artclass of middle school students to help them bond at the start ifthe new school year.\r\nGiving them each ideas to work from -Im miss B.\r\nIm sure the kids have stacks of nicknames.

  73. I would share this with my daughter. She is a creative little 7 year old, a prolific note writer and doodler. She writes down crazy amazing thoughts and this would be the perfect way to remember them. I call her sweet pea and she calls me mumma!

  74. Excuse the typos

  75. I would share this with my boyfriend! we started our relationship between Italy and Spain and , I draw everyday doodlers and he love them so I think he would like this! I call him sweet litlle thing and he call me the same

  76. Thats adorable. I\'d share it with my best friend, we both think so alike and want to go into the same profession. This would be so fun to do

  77. oh my I forgot the nicknames, we call each other clone or ginger, because we\'re both red heads haha

  78. Hello! I would give it to my sister. I call my sister \"Mana\", or \"my favourite sister\", besides I only have 1 sister! My nickname for her is also \"Mana\" or \"Vanocas\". :D

  79. i would share it with my future-still-on-the-way-searching-for-the-love-of-his-life (which is me) boyfriend and our nicknames will be mac and cheese. I\'ll be mac and he\'ll be cheese =)

  80. I\'d share it with my love. He calls me susi and I call him djoudjou.

  81. I\'d share it with my love. He calls me susi and I call him djoudjou.

  82. I would share this with the love of my life, my enzyme. We are looking forward to having more years together behind us and sharing our lives forever. He calls me Tiny Logan, and I call him Tiny Santos. We can create our world together in the book and treasure it always

  83. I would share with my better half. He\'s the head … and I\'m the tail

  84. Mmmmm so tough to choose. I think I would share it with my friend Christina who is helping me raise my baby son Inigo and also would leave some pages so Inigo and I and Christina can fill them in later when he can hold a pen.

  85. I would share it with my Sweet babu, Karyna, and probably fill it up on a lazy Sunday morning on the couch while procrastinating on what we\'ll have for dinner, before we break to make our own artwork.

  86. I would probably share it with my best friend so those things that has been written, after 10 years we would go back And have a good laugh about , see if the things we wished for really happened and what we wrote that day defines our age back then. It would be really fun book to keep. And I would probably name us some Harry Potter name like BlackDaisy or diagonalley. Some funny yet unique nickname :) I hope to be chosen *fingers crossed*

  87. Definitely share it with my far better half Sarah, we\'re Team Eggy and our style is undefeatable. Pet names include, Eggy, Egglet, Wheggy, Whegglett, Bugglett, Beast ;)

  88. I\'d share it with my friend Andrea who is lives in a different city, we both travel a lot so we don\'t get much time to share our doodles and stories as we used to. It would be fun to communicate with her using the book as we send it to each other to complete each of it\'s pages and writing down all the places this book would travel to. Her nickname is Ghostio and mine is \'Blina, but together we are team Feben!

  89. I\'d share with my niece Lylah. She\'ll too little right now but it\'s something I can do with only her that we\'ll both look on over the years with fond memories. She calls me Auntie Sawa (she can\'t say r\'s) and I call her Bug, as it Lylah Bug. You can pretty much guarantee an adorable collaboration.

  90. I\'d share it with my friend Cecilia. She calls me \"Baby\" and I call her \"Babuchas\"

  91. I would share thus book with my dad. Without him I probably not have my doodle talents! My dad is an amazing doodler but he doesn\'t do it nearly enough so this would be something we could do together and get him back in touch with his inner doodler! He calls me him bubbaleena and he will always be daddy no matter how old I get ;)

  92. I would love to share it with my brother, we used to be really close, but we grew apart for a while. We are starting to be together again and this book looks like a nice reminder and playful way to get to know each other again. :)

  93. I would share this with my husband... I would love to capture us right now while we are on the cusp of so much change. I call him bub and sugar lump; he calls me cupcake and doll face.

  94. I\'d probably do it with my friend, it looks like it\'d be so much fun! She\'s kind of my only friend, so this would be a nice, cute way to stay close. I call her emsawee, and she calls me neesy.

  95. I\'ll share this with my loves

  96. I\'ll share this with my loves, my kids I call them JK and lil doll and they call me mami

  97. I\'ll share this with my nephew. He\'s my partner in crime and lately he\'s into doodling on everything. This book would be a very very proper birthday gift for him. He calls me Yeen, and I call him Yeek.

  98. I would share it with my love. He call me Diendien and I call him maumau.

  99. I\'d totally share this with my other half who always gets random doodle drawings from me! :D I call him Noodle and he\'s been calling me Paulaki ever since forever :)

  100. A doodle for my Noodle! ♡ It would be petfect for his birthday the 25th :D

  101. It\'s an adventure into the unknown of two ladies passionately in love with the art of doodling and drawing: Zozomo and Ting-a-ling go on an adventure. \r\n\r\nWe just sat by the river yesterday discussing our next trip to India. Some people are born not to belong anywhere. We suppose we\'re one of them, embarking on journeys to invent our own place of belonging.

  102. I would share this book with my best friend in the entire world, Fel. In just twelve days he\'s leaving to Australia for a year and I\'ll be leaving to Spain. I would doodle and mail him the book so that he could doodle and mail it back to me every week for a whole year until we met again.\r\nI want to win this book to prove that distance is no obstacle when imagination is on your side.\r\nAs for nicknames, I call him Fel and he calls me \'Hippo\' because he thought comparing me to a hippopotamus was a flattering gesture on his part and indeed it was, he won my heart.

  103. I\'d share this with my best friend Grobi, we have been friends for over 11 years and went through a lot of shit together. He usually calls me Arielle :D x

  104. Without a doubt: I\'d share this awesome book with my mom - my best friend.\r\n\r\nA few years ago when I was having a hard time at uni and feeling really homesick, she sent me a copy of \'The Scribble Diary\' with a note telling me how proud she is of me. Totally inspired me to keep going. It would be so amazing to surprise her with \'You, Me, Us\' when I see her in 2 months (for the first time in over a year!).\r\n\r\nWe have many wacky nicknames for each other, but she usually calls me \'Poppie\' (Afrikaans for \'little doll\') or \'Skatty\' (Afrikaans for \'precious\'). I call her \'Benny\' - like Benjamin Button - to tease her about her forgetful nature. Some days we\'re \'Big Benny\' and \'Little Benny\' - as we\'ve both got our head in the clouds or done something silly. She may be 65, but my mom has the fun, playful nature of a 25 year old.

  105. I\'d share this with my brother . He is 15 years old and my partner in crime . He calls me Aboorty , and I call him Hamani

  106. I\'d share with my favourite guy ever Matty. He and I already share ginger hair and a very clear height difference so he is Big Red and I\'m Little Red xx\r\nWhat a rad idea!

  107. I share it with my daughter Elisa in a few days will be 10 years. I like call her \"Trottolina\" and she often calls me \"Mamy\" !!!

  108. I\'d share it with my niece, she\'s super fun & crazy, and loves doodling even more than I do! I call her \"Melenas\" and she calls me \"Tagú\"

  109. I\'d share it with my first daughter.She\'s 5 years old now.And she likes to draw in everyplace include her sister :) .She just call me daddy and i call her with her nickname Zaza.

  110. I would like to share this book with my friend, Kirsten Zinger.\r\nShe\'s like one of my best friends since I\'ve met her at a camp for our study.\r\nSince we also LOVE to doodle, I think this book would be an awesome addition to our friendship and our creativity.

  111. Would share this gem with my friend Jay. Jay actually is his nickname, since his initials are JJJ. He calls me keeks, not sure why but it just happend. I\'ve only known him for a year, but he managed to rapidly become one of my best friends. We share our sketches and doodle with eachother. Would be awesome to work on this book!

  112. I would share this book with my boyfriend, his nickname is otter, because sometimes he is lazy and he spend all day dreaming with everything in your own world. He calls me \"PinkPanda\" because sometimes I look like a sweet and funny panda with a pink dress.

  113. i just sign up only to get the book! coz i really wanna share it with my best friend Samah , she call me Mena and i call her Smsm . :)

  114. I\'d love to share this book with my two best friends with whom I have a farewell this coming Friday. I wil travel to Spain. Old nicknames are funier than new ones, they used to call me pichu now they call me yuyu due to my name. I used to call them: pocke and maldito rockerito, their names are Monica and Marcela.

  115. My sister Kym who I call Kymmie & she calls me butt head. Our love of drawing came after our dad past away 14 years ago next week. Its our special time when we tangle

  116. I will share this book with my best friend, Desty, but she\'s like to be called \"Boy\" as in AstroBoy, and she called me Jaw (just like the shark) when really, it\'s short for \"Jawi\" means \'cow\' in traditional Indonesian language.\r\n\r\nWe\'re often almost bought cool doodle books but never actually made it cause the international shipping problem to our place is always the reason (talking about \'other side of the world\' haha)\r\n\r\noh and anyway, she actually a big fan of my doodle but never admitted it haha. I figured it out myself.

  117. If I win this book, I would share with my co-worker Francisco Ramirez

  118. I would share with my daugther. Her name is Valentina and i call her Tini while she calls me mom. :D

  119. I would share it with my beloved one. :3 He calls me moussy and I call him tiny cute bear. > u

  120. Hello :D\r\nI would share with my lovely boyfriend :D\r\n\r\nHe calls me Cabeza de coco and i call him Cucurucho.\r\n\r\n(: ♥

  121. I would share it with Roland, aka Rollie Pollie, aka My Love. He would respond by saying \"You found a new \'we\' book!\" -- we just finished a different one -- \"Thanks Darling, aka My Love, aka The Murph!\" He would tilt his head slightly while directing at me an assertively affectionate gaze before wrapping me up in his arms.

  122. I would share this with my polar opposite love of my life John. I doodle on everything and he organizes them into neat collections in order for him not to go insane with the randomness of my brain and mess. With 3 small children, two of whom are already following in my footsteps (got to start them young) it would be amazing to show them this book filled out by us in 20 yrs and see their reactions.

  123. I solemnly swear to share this book with my boyfriend who is also my best friend who is also the love of my life (if I win it or somehow manage to get it) He calls me bubblebutt, all the other lovey dovey nick names and I call him all those lovey dovey nicknames as well and also pooptaco :D \r\nYAY FOR DOODLES

  124. I would share it my my fiancé :) we are getting married in April and I think it would be a great activity to do together :D love this idea!

  125. First of all, love this: Concept, design, everything. Secondly, I would love to share this with my grandmother. Her memory is beginning to noticeably decline and I\'d love to make this keepsake with her. It would help her, therapeutically and spiritually, as much as it would help me (and surely many others!) Thirdly, nicknames.... I call her dollface. She calls me Charlie Brown. We are best friends and I can\'t imagine life without her!

  126. I\'d definitely share this with my best friend. We\'re inseparable, to say the least. And we call each other a variety of nicknames. Ranging from dork/loser, to girlie and sweet cheeks

  127. I\'d love to share this with my person. She\'s my Bae. Before Anyone Else. The most importan person of my life. I love her so much and this book is an amazing idea to share with someone like her. Everyone deserves something like that to share with someone important. Plus, it\'s really beautiful!

  128. I would share it with my boyfriend, Charles. I call him ChrrChrr, and he calls me wittle.

  129. I\'d share it with my best friend I call him sonic(like the hedgehog from sega) and he calls me bluey because of my hair

  130. Hi guys! :D I just noticed I won, what do I do now? :)

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