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Stylistic Portraits with a Ballpoint Pen

by OKAT 1

Stylistic Portraits with a Ballpoint Pen | Doodlers Anonymous

I discovered the drawings of Milton Lozada while browsing through the artists on the Sktchy app (which by the way has been growing into a really great community). Milton is a tattoo artist working out of South Florida, whose style of drawing really came across to me in the portraits he inks with a simple ballpoint pen. To me, they all seem to be referencing a future we have yet to come across.

He's got a nice collection of work to be seen over on his Instagram feed as well.


  1. These are amazing and remind me a lot of what my friend Pavel creates and sells through his website\r\n\r\nI really love that every single one could easily translate as a portrait tattoo. I\'m in love with this artist\'s Instagram page now, thank you for finding this!

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