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Coloring Book Interview Series, #2: Cherry Wynn-Williams

by Jaanelle Yee 0

Coloring Book Interview Series, #2: Cherry Wynn-Williams | Doodlers Anonymous

It all started with a drawing of a typewriter. I first laid eyes on the work of Cherry Wynn-Williams when I opened up our Coloring Book Volume 3 and gasped at a funny little old-fashioned typewriter. She is an illustrator and world traveller, which I would have guessed even before I reached out to her because her portfolio is full of foreign street-sides, glimpses of exotic markets, and peeks into little alleys that exist somewhere across the world.

DA: Hi there. Have you done anything exciting lately? CW: I have literally just returned from a marvelous trip to the Barossa Valley & Kangaroo Island (SA). The weather was perfect for photography and now I have quite a collection of visuals to inspire my next projects. I have added some photos to my blog.

DA: I was just about to say I love your drawings of different places around the world. Where would you go for your dream vacation and why?

CW: Thanks, much appreciated. I recently embarked on a RTW trip and kept a visual travelog and sketchbook. Capturing moments like this still reminds me exactly what it was like being there. My work is influenced from the world around me and in recent years I have been fortunate to explore further-afield lands. My dream vacation would be Antarctica. My father worked as a scientist there for many years, and having heard many stories, I would love to see the unique magical landscapes for myself.

DA: I saw some yummy-looking food you doodled too. What are you most often munching on while you're drawing?

CW: I’m a bit of a fan of super salads and am always trying new recipes. A typical dessert would be a deliciously decadent cupcake!

DA: What do you do to get yourself going when you're running low on inspiration to draw?

CW: My inspiration mainly comes from observing everyday life around me, scouring through blogs for new perspectives, and I also find doodling leads me to work that I hadn’t planned on creating.

DA: Spontaneous doodles are the best. Would you share the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

CW: Say yes to new opportunities, you never know who you will meet and what kind of work it may lead to.

DA: True! We're so glad you took the opportunity to submit your illustration to our open call for submissions. Have you colored in your page in our Coloring Book Volume 3?

CW: The Doodlers Anonymous colouring book is packed full with wonderful work. Here is how I have chosen to colour in my illo:

DA: She added pages! I love the improvised addition to the illustration. You can see more of Cherry's work on her website.


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