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Inside the Sketchbook of Gabriel Picolo

by OKAT 7

Inside the Sketchbook of Gabriel Picolo | Doodlers Anonymous

Since launching Doodlers Anonymous back in 2009, I've seen my share of Drawing-A-Day projects, but so rare do they ever capture my attention like this one has by Brazil based artist Gabriel Picolo.

His daily drawings are deeply intricate and scenic. How one can pull off this intense of a drawing every day for a year is beyond me. If you're a fan, like I expect you should be, follow him on Instagram for more drawn goodness.


  1. I love minature worlds like in sketchbooks....wonderful!

  2. Amazing Sketches with great detail !!!

  3. All the doodles by this artist are awesome and follow a particular pattern of something flowing out of somewhere, just like a spring or fountain

  4. Wow!!! Is fantastic!!!

  5. These are so wonderful. I wish that you could double click on the image and see it magnified. There are so many details I want to zoom in on. What a talent!

  6. Great work!

  7. wonderful,i like them so much.Happy Greetings vom Vienna/Austria!

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