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Off the Canvas - Art on Recycled Paper and Wood

by Daphne 1

Off the Canvas - Art on Recycled Paper and Wood | Doodlers Anonymous

There is something alluring about art that exists off the canvas. Illustration on recycled, reclaimed, and natural materials feels approachable and tangible. And whether the art commands attention from the decaying paper, splintering wood, and corrosive metal or assimilates and weaves into the material, it is the history and texture of the material, the beautiful layer of story, that pulls. In honor of Earth Day, we hope you enjoy some striking pieces on paper, reclaimed wood, and recycled silk. Reuse. Recycle. Reinvent.

Above by Amy Rice.

Above by Cinta Vidal Agulló Above by Jaque Davis (embroidery on recycled silk) Above by Ines Seidel (charcoal on textbook)

Above by Marcelo Macedo (illustration/sculpture, found object art) Above by Sam Morrison (acrylic on repurposed cardboard)


  1. these are all inspiring-

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