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Animated GIFs Drawn with Pencil

by OKAT 2

Animated GIFs Drawn with Pencil | Doodlers Anonymous

Miranda Pfeiffer recently dropped me a line about her drawings and animated GIFs made with mechanical pencil. I like how she renders normal objects found in real life, but then adds a bit of quirkiness when going into her hand-drawn animations.

She really gets the process too, I love this description by her, "Because they are brief and only have a visual component, when a GIF is powerful, it’s done with economy and intelligence."

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  1. I seriously like ALL of them but the one with the rock kinda freaks me out...lolo Great talent..!!

  2. I love the hand so much! I don\'t know why, but it reminds me of something I can\'t place. It\'s like it\'s telling me that I\'ve forgotten something.

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