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Type & Time: Drawn Typewriters

by Daphne 0

Type & Time: Drawn Typewriters | Doodlers Anonymous

The sound is seductive: typebars striking ink ribbon; the bell of the carriage return swinging left. In my selective nostalgia, typewriters were never used by anyone except authors - typing stoically in a room with light filtered through plantation shutters, in the company of scotch glasses and a wastebasket of crumpled pages.The typewriter embodies a writing process that is hard and stark and dirty and mechanical. It’s a symbol of the beauty of process, the struggle of wordsmithing. And so my love for the typewriter is also a love for its aesthetic. I am giddy for illustrations of vintage typewriters, drawings where you can almost smell time and dust preserved. Here are some of my favorites.

Above by Loui Jover and Chris Packer.

Above by: Nan Lawson

Above by: Carlos Ransom

Above by: Ekaterina Maksabedian

Above by: Jason D'Aquino

Above by: Robin Wieskus

Above by: Tabitha Emma

Above by: Katie Thierjung

Above by: OKAT


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