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Drawing the Cityscape in His Head

by OKAT 2

Drawing the Cityscape in His Head | Doodlers Anonymous

Bricks, windows, arches, curves, angles, roofs... you name it, if it's part of the city architecture, it's very likely Daniel Van Der Noon has drawn it.

Everything about his art inspires me. They are all hand-drawn and inked directly onto a wall, window, or canvas. No prior sketching or mapping. It's just one stroke here, another line there and soon enough buildings and rooftops appear.

In his own words, "I like to travel a lot, visit new cities, see new places, hear new noises. Through these skylines I guess that the perks that I experience from traveling around are amplified in ink, and the memories recorded in these ongoing sprawls of images and text."

You'll find plenty to like in the following images, and I guarantee you'll especially enjoy the process videos after the fold.


  1. Interestingly complicated, perfect...

  2. His work is remencient of my friend and colleague Craig Turner an architectural artist who passed away a few years ago. . . Craig would do these detailed, panoramic ink /pencil drawings of cityscapes on long sheets of paper, and occasionally add water color to them.

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