Inspiration: Art

Drawings to Make Your Crush Giggle

by Jaanelle Yee 2

Are you not so smooth with the ladies? Does your mind blank out around cute guys? A Daily Pickup Line could turn your luck around. It's an illustrated collection by Alyssa Duhe of the funniest flirtations, with some of the classics that don't get old and also a ton of original jokes that your crush hasn't heard a million times already. We originally picked this blog out from our followers on tumblr to be the next Tumblr of the Week, but couldn't pass up the chance to help out those in need on Valentines Day. Plus, I wanna hear your favorite pickup line in the comments.


  1. lol. but it\'s cute and would love to be secretly smitten by witty lines:D

  2. This is great! Haha

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