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Tumblr of the Week: Lucha!

by Jaanelle Yee 5

Tumblr of the Week: Lucha! | Doodlers Anonymous

I'm glad I stumbled over Luciana Ojea’s blog lurking within our tumblr followers. She's an Argentinian illustrator whose sketchbook is filled with countless quirky characters coming alive on every page. Occasionally, they even wander off the paper and onto random objects. Maybe it's from all the screaming and smiling and arms waving in the air, but I love the sense of excitement I get from her crazy little people.

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  1. the ducks look like they could be ornamental gourds with carvings- like it - and the yellow, black and white graphic

  2. Love the skateboarder!

  3. Ohhh thank you very much guys!!! I really appreciate your support. Keep drawing! :P

  4. These are all pretty great!

  5. Love it here and great bit and pieces. xx

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