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Doodlers Anonymous was Hacked

by OKAT 6

To all our friends, over the last 72 hours Doodlers Anonymous was hacked 4 to 5 different times. The hackers replaced our content with pornographic and offensive images and words. This has not been fun. We have since taken down the content and are doing our best to monitor it going forward, but unfortunately many of you are still seeing the offensive content loading up in your RSS readers. This is due to it being cached in the RSS feed on some of these readers, like Pulse and Feedly. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and are doing everything we can to keep this from happening again.


  1. oh dear

  2. that\'s really lame.. thank you for this site yo!

  3. I saw that in my RSS. Very lame, and juvenile. Sorry you\'re having to deal with it.

  4. Did that have anything to do with my account being deleted or was that just because I signed up but didn\'t particularly do anything for ~1 week? :o

  5. @Dyre it is possible. we had to revert to a 3 day old backup. I tried my best to bring over the new users though.

  6. I was just wondering; it\'s no big deal. :> Thanks for letting me know~

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