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Giveaway: One-year of Zines by Josh LaFayette

by OKAT 53

Giveaway: One-year of Zines by Josh LaFayette | Doodlers Anonymous

Well, well, we haven't done one of these in a long while, a giveaway that is. The man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Josh LaFayette is at it again. Making drawings, lots of drawings, about anything and everything and he's binding them into zines with his own hands and shipping them to you every month, for all of 2014.

We're lucky enough to have an entire year's subscription to giveaway and it's happening right now. Don't delay, play along. Answer the following question (by Friday at 11am Eastern) in the comments of this post and we'll pick our favorite (one answer per person please). You never know, Josh might even be kind enough to draw the winning answer.

Question: If your life was a zine, what would be the title?

For those of you with 50 bucks to spare and a desire to support one of the most genuine guys, illustrators and talented folks out there, go ahead and buy your own subscription here (discount code: doodlin) or at the very least, follow Josh's work on the web or on twitter. And if you're inclined to watch him make a crazy fool of himself, his Vine account is tons of fun.

*These images are from his 2013 zine collection.


  1. Polyphobia

  2. Hell yeah! \r\n\r\nAnswer: Hastværk er lastværk (= haste is waste)

  3. \"i used to be amish, but i\'m still cool\"

  4. \"Poorly Timed Poop Jokes and Other Social Failures\"

  5. A dormouse delight.

  6. Hobbies Not Jobbies

  7. \"As long as there\'s coffee, we\'re good\"

  8. If the shoe fits, cut the foot off.

  9. It\'s Not As Bad As It Looks

  10. Living in the Happy Ending

  11. My Cats Hate Me + Other Harsh Realities

  12. Being There, Doing That

  13. Why do today what you can do tommorow!

  14. A.D.D. - It\'s a Way of... Oh, Look! A Bird!

  15. On Being Goode

  16. Knee Deep

  17. Good Cop, Bike Cop

  18. I draw, therefore I am

  19. Box Wine and Belly Fat

  20. 10 ways to make poop

  21. Everything\'ll Be OKay.

  22. Stop Right There Did I Hear You Say Cake.

  23. Chronically Creative \r\n(I\'m chronically ill, and creativity is what gets me by!)

  24. The Workings and Whiles of a Nonstop Brain

  25. I draw, it is my only skill. I have no others. Beware of typos.

  26. QUIXOTIC to the Bone....

  27. Inner World: Tales of Nerd Girl and various other less important characters

  28. Rollercoaster through Arcadia

  29. Fart Noise

  30. donuts are my top priority.

  31. Everyone has a great story. Some are true...

  32. Tomboy Cream Puff

  33. Shotguns and Lemonade

  34. Brain Vomit

  35. Grape to Meet You: A Runners Guide to Counting Sheep.

  36. The Cause is Unknown

  37. Justifiably Tazed

  38. Everything is Poop

  39. Control Yourself, It\'s Only A Puppy

  40. Eternally Tomato Faced

  41. Grey Matter

  42. Bedazzled potatoes and various other hallowed foods

  43. A Tiny Talent

  44. mellowfellow

  45. Phyrie Phizzlings

  46. Amanita Louisa Sophie

  47. Dwight and Potato Monster Travel the World

  48. Wheel of chance

  49. Ectoplasmic Insides.

  50. If I Ever Get Around to Living

  51. \"Quarter life crisis\"

  52. pretty sweet. reminds a bit of mcbess!

  53. The Functioning of Slut Mouth-ed Nugget and Other Adventures\r\n\r\n(Side note: Slut-mouth-ed: adj. The inability to filter words or stop talking. Not necessarily of a sexual nature.)

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