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Tumblr of the Week: Hello Stranger

by Jaanelle Yee 1

Tumblr of the Week: Hello Stranger | Doodlers Anonymous

A good friend is someone who doesn't judge you, who always listens to you without making it about themselves, who you can simply sit in comfortable silence with… Perhaps these girls are onto something.

The tumblr we stumbled upon this week belongs to Korean artist Dan-ah Kim. Out of her expansive portfolio, one recurring subject that stood out to us were ladies in their undies with house plants. Because we only see the girls from behind, I get the slightly voyeuristic feeling that I have accidentally walked in on a private moment.


  1. These are really cool images - very unique and I too like the voyeuristic quality. You should check out this site called - they match artists with dealers if you\'re interested in finding someone to represent you...

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