Inspiration: Art

Primal Drawings and Falling Limbs

by Daphne 7

Primal Drawings and Falling Limbs | Doodlers Anonymous

Piotr’s work is pretty and primal. The artist's rural, folk-art sensibility is expressed in the masks and dense tribal and geometric patterns. Reminiscent of wood block prints or cave paintings, his work tells a rugged tale about nature and human nature. Visit his website for more.


  1. I love the intricacy of these drawings. Their complexity and rhythm is delicious AND intense. They bear a lot of watching.

  2. The details are awesome.

  3. this is awesome! I am pretty sure you spent days for these art work, all those lines that you put in to the drawing

  4. Pretty!

  5. I love it!

  6. The work is fabulous!! I am now on a fan of you Piotr!

  7. Fantastic drawings. This shows what can be really done in black and white!

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