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Our 2013 Doodle, Draw and Illustration Year in Review

by OKAT 3

As one year comes to a close and another is set to begin, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our friends and readers that visit the website, participate and support Doodlers Anonymous. You keep our community thriving and make it a daily inspiration.

That being said, we've highlighted hundreds of artists, projects and artworks in 2013 (you can revisit the complete archive here). As a quick recap, I'm featuring a few of the more popular and memorable ones below (click their titles to read further about each).


An Attempt to Draw Everything

The Daily Coffee

Colorific World

Ricardo's Wild Art

An Illustrated Life

The Space Between

Beyond the Classroom Walls

Thank Heavens for Old Books

Professional Illustrator Collaborates with 4-Year-Old

Color Pens Gone Wild

Wonderfully Charming Drawn GIFs

The Incredible Analog Drawing Machine


  1. Lovely illustrations all of them. A joy to see them all again. Thank you.

  2. I especially like the colored pens and in between spaces. I might have to start doing that.

  3. Great artworks....wish to see more of these........

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