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The Incredible Analog Drawing Machine

by OKAT 13

The Incredible Analog Drawing Machine | Doodlers Anonymous

Oh my, I am in love with this project by Tobias Gutmann. It's one of the happiest and most creative things I've ever shared here on DA.

The Face-o-mat is a portable drawing booth that Tobias carried around with him 40,000 kilometers through Europe, Africa and Asia, drawing over 700 faces. The booth itself is incredibly designed and built, from the coin slot and style sliders to the clicking carousel of paper simulating a matrix printer. I want to teleport Tobias and his machine over here and have him draw portraits of everyone I know. So cool, especially his unique style of drawing. Enjoy and be sure to watch the video above.

Found via Colossal.



  2. This is so clever and awesome~

  3. Ed - they look like those silicone paint shapers. I don\'t know the proper name but they are like flexible silicone heads rather than brushes. What a great project :D

  4. awesome sauce ! very inspiring !!

  5. amazing! this project need to come to Panama.

  6. Genius!

  7. good diead but this guy cant draw worth shit.

  8. That\'s so awesome, got to get me one of those for Christmas!

  9. it looks so simple, but makes you feel like you can do it yourself and make it look so eye popping like him

  10. Really enjoyed watching your video, each work has such personality. Simple yet beautiful and the reactions of the patrons are priceless.

  11. Cool idea, very creative.

  12. Me encantó

  13. I loved it! Great idea!

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