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The Art of Homeless Cop

by Kristopher Kotcher (Frenemy) 2

The Art of Homeless Cop | Doodlers Anonymous

I came across Homeless Cop through a friend on Facebook. He introduced us and I was a fan right out the gate. At first glance I thought his works were all vector illustrations but as it turns out they are actually oil paintings! The lines are so crisp and clean and the colors so amazing and bold. I was insanely impressed with his work. I caught up with him recently and asked him a few questions. I hope you all enjoy!

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do? Well, I've been drawing and making art all my life, I've been painting for about 8 years, basically painting how I draw. I make oil paintings, all totally original, crispy and colorful. I spend a lot of time on my work, and I usually have 6 or more paintings going at the same time. Lately, I've been painting on some Alien Workshop skateboard decks, and I just had a pretty successful show in Indianapolis. Looking to finish up some new paintings and get into some galleries around the world. Art is my life for sure. Where did the name Homeless Cop come from? I used to play drums in an art metal band, Diebrator, and we had 99 songs on our album, so looking to come up with song titles we just started putting words together. Homeless Cop just made me laugh and I always told myself I'd use it for my artist name someday. It really doesn't mean anything. I've never been a cop, or homeless, but actually, I'd like to have a food truck someday where I give away soup to the homeless and veterans. You did some really cool animation spots for Adult Swim can you tell us about that? Being a huge fan of Adult Swim (with a special shout out to the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!) I just approached them with artistic gifts and they got me in the game with a deal to do 11 TV bumps, billboards, and a cool Tim & Eric art print. I Love the good people at Adult Swim, and I'm hoping to work with them again on more cool stuff! What/Who are your influences? Jean Michel Basquiat, Nirvana, Picasso, Salvador Dali, Earl Sweatshirt, Bertrand Goldberg, Dalek, Led Zeppelin, Richard Colman, Robert Johnson, Yumiko Kayukawa, Frederic Chopin, Superjail!, James Brown, Kenny Powers, and Howard Roark.

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  1. Wow great stuff

  2. when I look at his art it reminds me of the illuminati\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

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