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Collaboration in Perfect Harmony

by Kristopher Kotcher (Frenemy) 6

Collaboration in Perfect Harmony | Doodlers Anonymous

I cannot remember when or how I came across this video but I absolutely love it. I find myself coming back to watch it again and again. I have found in my own personal experience, that collaboration with other artists either works great or is a disaster. These two artists Supakitch and Koralie really pull it off flawlessly. Their work harmonizes beautifully. Everything about this video from the music for the way it is shot are perfect. The colors and the flow of the work is amazing. Such a great pairing of style.


  1. hi

  2. I just watched this for the first time. It will no doubt not be the last!

  3. I watched it for the first time and was interested in the techniques they used to create the work.

  4. すごい!

  5. These characters are gorgeous! I love Koralie\'s combination of designs from Japanese geishas and Russian nesting dolls. I never would have thought those native art forms would mesh so beautifully.

  6. Wow, love this x

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