Inspiration: Drawn Interviews

Questions + Drawn Answers with Greg Kletsel

by OKAT 1

Featured Artist #21: Greg Kletsel | Doodlers Anonymous

Greg Kletsel is a drawing machine. In all seriousness, I believe he must be built of metal and moving parts with at least one robotic arm and an infinite supply of ink. That's the only thing that could explain the amount of work he outputs.

I met Greg a thousand years ago when he interviewed at the studio I worked at. The position didn't play out, but I liked his drawing skills and asked if he'd draw up an idea I had for a t-shirt. That's how Tools of the Trade was born (it's still one of my favorite tees).

Today, Greg is a full-time illustrator and designer based in Brooklyn, New York who's rocking it on the illustration scene. Cranking out zines, comics, posters, and all while filling up sketchbook pages by the minute. I have tons of respect for Greg and so it made perfect sense to feature his work in an exclusive drawn interview. He of course did not take the task lightly and simply blew our minds away with his drawn responses to each question. Check out the detail, line work and thought behind each drawing. Wow!

Q: We're curious. What's in your pockets right now?

Q: What city were you raised in?

Q: What's a really good word? Draw it.

Q: If not for illustration and design, what would you be doing?

Q: What's your favorite place?

Q: What do you see through your window?

Q: Define happiness.

Q: What animal represents you?

Q: What does the future look like for you?

Q: Any last words? Advice? Warnings?


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