Inspiration: Art

Kaleidoscope to the Sky

by Daphne 2

Kaleidoscope to the Sky | Doodlers Anonymous

Saddo Jaddero’s art is what happens when rainbows and stardust have sex. His prismatic, galactic world makes me so happy. Tonight, I know I’ll dream in juicy color.

Most of the these images are from his "AS IF BY MAGIC" show back in 2010, but be sure to check out his recent work as well. Saddo is talented and prolific – producing an astonishing amount of work. Check out all the goodness on his Flickr.


  1. i love the excitement this artwork brings me, it is so colorful and vibrant it just sends me some positive energy even through all the chaos. well done

  2. the colours work so well together and the way you applied teh colours onto the canvas just works so well amazing job

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