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Tumblr of the Week:
Everything is Vibrating

by Jaanelle Yee 3

Tumblr of the Week: Everything is Vibrating | Doodlers Anonymous

I could stare forever at all the little details on Jon Carling's intricately shaded sketches. His many drawings of original creatures tap directly into my love for folklore, and I get carried away imagining what the mythology behind them would be. Carling also has a couple of whimsical yet haunting animated shorts (watch the videos after the fold) that are def worth taking a look at.


  1. I am lucky to live in the area and of having the pleasure of meeting this most awesome artist. I recently purchased a few of his prints to call my own.

  2. There is something captivating about abstract geometry colliding with the real world. This seems like it could be part of a children\'s book with its fantastical nature.

  3. I appreciate your work these are interesting and it attract other peoples to see your next work.

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