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The Collaborations of The Yok and Sheryo

by Greg Kletsel 5

The Collaborations of The Yok and Sheryo | Doodlers Anonymous

The Yok and Sheryo are one of the best collaborative duos working today. Their characters can be found on walls all over the world, from their home base in New York to Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, Thailand and Mexico (just to name a few). Their individual styles complement each other so well, and their work is a great example of how two artists can evolve together and influence one another through ongoing collaboration. To see more of their murals, drawings, and paintings, visit and


  1. Brilliant. Absoultely Brilliant. Having multiple people do a piece of art that blends so well within itself is awesome. The Yok and Sheryo....I salute you! :)

  2. great work dude!

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  4. digging that east meets west type of feel!

  5. Love this stuff. Has a hip-hop meets punk feel to it.

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