Inspiration: Art

Color Pens Gone Wild

by OKAT 9

Color Pens Gone Wild | Doodlers Anonymous

Mossi's markers make quick, short strokes of color that run into each other to create random shapes (and sometimes faces) born from his subconscious. Look closely and you'll be staring into a trippy collection of intricate lines and patterns, making it impossible to follow, but easy to love.

Found via Beautiful/Decay.


  1. Wow! Brilliant work.

  2. That\'s just crazy amazing!

  3. Gotta pull some inspiration outta my day to do this!

  4. how can you imagine this!


  6. Some remind me of gelatinous sea creatures, others ghosts, others are just psychedelic fireballs burning into my mind and eyes.

  7. I envy your patience, great work!

  8. Mossi, I am trippin!!!

  9. It\'s good to see my artwork here. Thank you all :^)

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