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Thank Heavens for Old Books

by OKAT 11

Thank Heavens for Old Books | Doodlers Anonymous

The art from Ekaterina Panikanova's second ever solo show is brilliant, and a stark reminder that we need to hang onto the tangibles from our history. When I see this type of work I crave for the analog, and cringe to think about a future of digital audio books and downloadable reads. I still want the smell and feel of worn-out pages between my fingers. We're moving too fast. I need a breather. Stop, let's hold hands and look at the beautiful art together.

Found via Colossal.


  1. stunning ! this reminds me to go dumpster diving again

  2. Beautiful.

  3. The literary side of me laments that books are becoming art pieces and precious antiques... the artist in me LOVES it. Torn.

  4. Gorgeous! I love this.

  5. incredible...might try this myself

  6. Amazing!

  7. Old books &. Creative soul...what a perfect combination! These are beautiful!

  8. SOOOOO Smart! Old books are the best. What a fantastic way to show them off.

  9. This is gorgeous! In love.

  10. So creative! :)

  11. nice :)

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