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Everybody Wins, Thanks TOM BIHN

by OKAT 4

Everybody Wins, Thanks TOM BIHN | Doodlers Anonymous

The Essential Draw showcase challenge is over. We have a winner, but before I get into congratulating them I'd like to share some really cool news I just received courtesy of our sponsor. The awesome folks at TOM BIHN appreciated your "essential" doodles so much that they'd like to offer all of you that participated a limited edition Organizer Pouch in exchange for your drawing. Mail your doodle, along with your return address to:

TOM BIHN Attention: Doodles 4750A Ohio Ave S Seattle, WA 98134

and they'll send you the Organizer Pouch. The really cool part: your doodles will be put on permanent display in their Seattle factory. Amazing!

A round of applause to all 70 of you, with a special cheer to Mr. Ramsey O'Brien who took the top spot with 64 of your votes (his submission above). Cheers! Now sharpen those pencils and ready those pens, we've got another sweet challenge going live next week. Subscribe to our RSS and Twitter feed for updates.


  1. Can\'t believe I didn\'t participate! D:

  2. I sent off my drawing today. :)

  3. I just saw this! Mine is going in the mail ! Thank you DA and Tom Bihn !

  4. what if i live out of the states? would they still post the item to me?

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