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Member Spotlight: Kerby Rosanes

by OKAT 8

Member Spotlight: Kerby Rosanes | Doodlers Anonymous

Kerby Rosanes is a doodle force to be reckoned with. No joke, the man must go through markers like I go through cups of coffee. His style is overwhelming as he completely smothers page after page with funny characters, monsters, objects, and words.

I was first introduced to his work when he sent in a submission to our second coloring book, which we gladly accepted. Follow this doodle maniac over on his blog Sketchy Stories (that updates almost daily).

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kerby has been a member of the Doodlers Anonymous community since July 2011


  1. Love!

  2. Incredible - great imagination

  3. Yay! Thanks for the feature! :)

  4. Excellent work.

  5. You\'re a Filipino, Kerby, right? :)

  6. Your doodles are awesome! >^..^

  7. hey Kerby Rosanes you are awesome man !! can i know your email address so i can send you some of your work copied by me !

  8. Hey you\'re awesome I always watch your drawing at Instagram 😊 love it very much

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