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Paracosms on Paper

by Jaanelle Yee 2

Paracosms on Paper | Doodlers Anonymous

While perusing through our flickr group, I stumbled upon the art of a Russian artist who goes by uncle_cat on flickr. Not much other info has been found, so any other tidbits about the artist remain a mystery.

Their art is vivid, playful, and infused with child-like whimsy. Some pieces look like something a proud parent would pin up on the fridge. Others show a glimpse of a crazy, fantastical world that is full of details. It's tempting to hop right into this colorful place populated by critters with character, geometric geography, and slanting cities.


  1. Just come across this blog and become a member. I think it\'s a fantastic idea! Love these paintings too :)

  2. She has a nice portfOlio on flickr

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