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Instagram Likes, Pt. 7

by OKAT 3

Instagram Likes, Pt. 7 | Doodlers Anonymous

This post is long overdue. I haven't posted my Instagram likes on here since December of last year, even though I've probably faved more than a 100 since then. I dug back and found ten to share with you.

The above photo is one of mine. It's of my tiny Field Notes memo book opened to a spread from my "Drawn Evolution" series. Check out some friends below and if you poke around Instagram a few times a week like I do, drop by and say hello. You can find me by searching @doodlers or @okat.

Photo by @dielamaharanie

Photo by @jeremyville

Photo by @josemertz

Photo by @molganzoid

Photo by @wendymac

Photo by @nolanolee

Photo by @kylesteed

Photo by @aisforanika

Photo by @scribbleproject

Check out the archive of past Instagram likes by yours truly: part one, two, three, four, five, and six.


  1. Hey thanks for the mention OKAT :)

  2. I\'m in good company, I see! Thanks for including my photo!

  3. Love these, particularly the one with the desk and coffee. Excellent composition and colour saturation.

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