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From Street to Cardboard

by Jaanelle Yee 4

From Street to Cardboard | Doodlers Anonymous

I am mesmerized by German street artist DOME's series on cardboard. He paints human bodies with eerie postures and proportions. The decaying canvas sets the mood for his stencil characters, who emit the sense that they are falling apart as well. His use of mixed media is also intriguing. The work above was made with acrylic, pencil, and espresso. Overall, it's gloomy, dingy, and endlessly fascinating.


  1. I really like his work too! I think its fun to see the different variety\'s of mismatched people he makes. Cardboard you say? Now that\'s cool!

  2. Using Cardboard was really cool! Seeing someone who\'s great in street art doing this kind of stuff in a cardboard was incredible. Two thumbs up!

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  4. Excellent!

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