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Member Spotlight: Mason McFee

by OKAT 2

Member Spotlight: Mason McFee | Doodlers Anonymous

Holy crap, I just spent too much time on Mason's flickr site. I got lost in the randomness of his doodles and how they seem to land on any damn thing he comes across. His drawings are loose and unpretentious, free to roam, with layers of goofiness but end in an almost perfect layout and composition.

Mason, let's go have a beer, and then draw me something to hang on my wall.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mason has been a member of the Doodlers Anonymous community since October 2012


  1. Thanks for sharing! Love his work. \r\n\r\nIt would be cool if there was a \"sketchbook press\" where artists share their sketchbooks and people could buy copies printed on demand. I\'d buy all of McFee\'s!

  2. i support this idea!

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