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Over 34,000 Doodles Live On Our
DA Flickr Group!

by OKAT 3

Over 34,000 Doodles Live On OurDA Flickr Group! | Doodlers Anonymous

I'm absolutely awe-struck by the sheer size of the Doodlers Anonymous group that lives on Flickr. Launched in November 2008, the group now houses over 34,000 drawings, doodles, sketches, scribbles, paintings and so much more.

It's a treasure of inspiration.

We do our best to consistently moderate the group and dig around for awesome finds. Images above by Jeannine Ortiz, Mary Ruth Patchin, Maura Cluthe and below are some more favorites. If you're a friend of DA, you'd be crazy not to join the group… You simply never know when you might just find your art featured here on the blog.

by Ema*Ema*Ema by Yonil by Maria J. Luque by Heystag by Valeria Mezzano by Cannon Pearson by Diana Köhne by Luis E. Dueñas by Lapin by Rolf Schroeter


  1. Great Flickr pool of inspiration! (that sounded like a swear word! lol - in a good way.)

  2. Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

  3. an archive and also a great treasures for the future

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