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An Illustrated Life

by Amaia Arrazola 9

An Illustrated Life | Doodlers Anonymous

Aitch, an illustrator from Bucharest (suddenly I realize that I've recently only been talking about female artists)… describes her work as "ranges from pink, cute, elegant, to sometimes creepy, semi religious, bizarre characters, mixed in surrealistic sets" and I can't agree more. It's amazing how she moves from the "cute & pink" to the "surreal & semi-religious".

She normally works on paper, toys, urban objects, and many shops around Europe. She's one of my latest discoveries (and one of my favourites!).

I follow her on Facebook where the talks about her illustrated life.


  1. One of my favourite artists.... ever! Love watching her grow. She always surprises me.

  2. It\'s really awesome!! Love the colorful in it..

  3. blown away...

  4. lovely!

  5. Oh my God I love the colors!!!! These are lovely!

  6. What my dreams are made of!

  7. Now there\'s a house i would live in :D

  8. love your work ! Have a fab creative New Year of Life 2014.

  9. Bottero vs Crazy print, love it!

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