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Magic Monsters

by Amaia Arrazola 6

Magic Monsters | Doodlers Anonymous

I discovered Delphine Durand (and her entourage of weird animals) when she was teaching a workshop at Ilustratour. I couldn't go and was left with the desire. Since then, I follow her work from the distance.

I love her magic and bizarre animated monsters that walk around her drawings and on her books and travel journals.

And thanks to her, I know about "Les Cahiers de L'Articho", a French illustration magazine that's got me blown away. She also has an amazing pinterest page where she uploads everything she likes.


  1. Hi Doodle addicts! I am glad to becoming one. Am an art lover myself. This magic monster art is one great piece of art!

  2. Great little monster doodles!

  3. awesome character doodles. lovely work! :o)

  4. Really, really love these! Love seeing the sketchbooks!

  5. Love this! There\'s always great, inspiring finds on this site :) \'Aitch\' translates to \'Here\', in Romanian.

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