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A Story Behind Each Drawing

by OKAT 0

A Story Behind Each Drawing | Doodlers Anonymous

Miguel Herranz (aka freehand) is an Urban Sketcher with an incredibly detailed hand and a complementary story to go along with each sketch. The stories range from memories to the people, places and things he comes across. Below is a snippet of his text for the drawing above:

"…I keep on drawing... I wonder what happens behind the third window of the second floor on that brick building... I imagine a filter that tells me with some color the places where people laugh joyfully, with some other color where they shout angrily, with other where they make love, where someone just died... I know I'm drawing all this."

It's a must that you take the time to read the captions behind each drawing. You will fall in love not only with his skilled hand, but how he describes what he sees.

"For some reason the tangle of tubes, cables, chains and all that metals and plastics seemed to me much more interesting than the bikes. As I said, I did not see bikes (if I had seen them I'd got freaked out and the sketch should have been a piece of crap). I didn't worry much about them while drawing. I started by the padlock in the center and continued opening circles as a spiral. Bikes arose themselves."


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