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Welcome to My House

by Amaia Arrazola 8

Welcome to My House | Doodlers Anonymous

One night about a year ago I met with Conrad (who was already sharing a studio with Guim) and Chamo for a Gin and Tonic session. All of us worked from home at that moment and we all agreed that it was becoming very boring. I don't know if it was the Gin or the night itself, but after a few rounds it occurred to us to set up a studio.

Now, we are six people (including graphic designer Jordi and record label "The Indian Runners" who joined shortly after).

That's how Tocafusta was born. We all work as independent freelancers but always finding ways to collaborate with each other and discover common objectives. We look for new projects, collaborations with interesting people, and above all try to help each other as much as we can.

It's great to come here to work everyday. It really has become my second little family.


  1. WOW Amaia, this is so inspiring. You are lucky to have such talented studio mates. I've been following Conrad and Chamo's work for sometime, had no idea you were all buddies. Great to know!

  2. Super beautiful studio... super beautiful second family!

  3. wonderful place.... wish be part of it.....

  4. Envious. I love my home studio with my cats, but the idea of bouncing ideas off of other creatives is very cool. Would help from getting \"tunnel vision\" or obsessive about one thing. (Though I\'d have to watch my language while working on the computer.)

  5. beautiful studio and so inspire :)

  6. Love the space. Especially that floor. It looks like a very inspiring environment to create in.

  7. Wow,I bet coming to work everyday is super inspiring and motivating in that space! I\'d love to share a studio space with other artists. It\'s great to bounce ideas off of other creative people. :D

  8. This is perfect!

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