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Brrrrring... Brrrrring...

by OKAT 4

Brrrrring... Brrrrring... | Doodlers Anonymous

For many of us, drawing while on the phone is exactly how we got into the habit of doodling. I know that for me, I can hardly last on a call for two minutes if I don't have a pen and paper around to scribble on.

The following is a series of drawings made by DZO Olivier from France, all made without much thinking, during a handful of different phone conversations. And be sure to visit his portfolio for a taste of what he can do when he's not distracted by chit-chat.


  1. awesome!

  2. pick up the phone !

  3. awesome details!

  4. Re-Inspiring, re-igniting my imagination!\r\nThank You! This rocks!\r\nGary

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