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Colorific World!

by Hugo Seijas 11

Colorific World! | Doodlers Anonymous

Some time ago, I found Lili Scratchy, a french illustrator and ceramic artisan who's world never stops surprising me. Going into her sketchbooks is like figuring out how her mind is like: A whole lot of little speaking monsters, colours, fruits, letters and weird animals.

Don't forget to take a look at her ceramic work, it's pretty impressive.

She has a blog that updates quite often and a Flickr where you can find all her work.


  1. these are so fun ! love the dog in the top image, the elephant in the second, the yellow cat mostly in the third and the dolphin in the last one.

  2. So fun! I\'m a big fan of B&W doodles, but I really like her use of color here. It\'s got me reconsidering \"color\" :)

  3. great new discovery! i usually doodle in black and white but always wish I had the guts to add more color. this is super inspiring!

  4. Lili is awesome!

  5. Great use of vivid colors. Wonderful collage!

  6. Lili Scratchy is making me want to go straight home and attack my moleskine.

  7. oh my gosh, these sketchbooks are so sweet!! I love the use of felt as well. So inspiring! :D

  8. Great discovery Amaia! Like the comments before me, Lili\'s work immediately inspired me to pull out my markers and just have fun.

  9. I´m glad you like it!!!! she´s amazing\r\n\r\n:)

  10. I love all lilys fun interesting exciting pictures, little worlds on small pages

  11. insanely colorful

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