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February's Guest Contributor:
Amaia Arrazola

by OKAT 9

February's Guest Contributor: Amaia Arrazola | Doodlers Anonymous

This is a fun announcement! For the month of February, Amaia Arrazola will join the Doodlers Anonymous team as a guest contributor to the blog. Starting tomorrow she'll be sharing with us inspirations, books, zines, artists and all the things she's completely head over heels in love with.

I first fell for Amaia's work back in November of 2010, when I wrote about her drawn suitcase (a must see). She's been one of my favorite since, and has recently been featured on the last page of our second coloring book (as seen above -- get it here)!

If you are new to Amaia's handy work, please take the time to get to know her. Pencil, ink, markers, thread… drawn all over paper, fabric, walls, you name it, she's done it. Check out her portfolio and blog or follow her along on twitter and instagram. Welcome to DA, Amaia.


  1. full of life :)

  2. Madly jealous of your studio space. \r\nAwesome work. Love the bold lines.

  3. I\'m totally in love with that green lady and all the little doodles around her. Sweet indeed!!!

  4. Love it! Inspiring :)

  5. love your style

  6. in love

  7. great work going the line work and vision.keep up the great work

  8. I like...

  9. Great Style!!

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