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An Attempt to Draw Everything

by OKAT 8

An Attempt to Draw Everything | Doodlers Anonymous

James Gulliver Hancock, an illustrator from Australia (now living in New York), seems to be on a quest to draw and catalog almost everything that comes his way, from bicycles and snow to scooters and mountain tops. He's even launched a micro-site titled All The Buildings In New York, where you'll find them sorted by building type or borough.

I especially love the compositions where he stacks each of the elements onto one large sheet of paper. Here's hoping he keeps this effort going forever.

Be sure to check out his shop too, the above and many others are available for purchase.


  1. collections of things are always interesting, but these are especially great !

  2. Ooooh.... Really good!!

  3. nice project with lot of good stuff !!

  4. so inspired!

  5. Hello,\r\nI am new to this site. How can I post some of my doodle?\r\nThank you,\r\nmoshehpr

  6. in love

  7. The snowflake one is pure genious :)

  8. amazing.

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