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Drawn Wallpapers for the Digital Age: Art by Muxxi

by OKAT 1

Drawn Wallpapers for the Digital Age: Art by Muxxi, #1 | Doodlers Anonymous

Unless you've printed this website on some paper, you are no doubt reading this on some sort of digital device. Maybe it sits on your desk or lap, or maybe it's small enough to be held in one hand or two, no matter the case, you deserve a beautifully drawn background to greet you every time you turn it on.

That's where we come in. We as in Doodlers Anonymous and the artists who've been invited to share their art with you.

Our first wallpaper is hand-drawn by Guatemalan artist Muxxi. A long time friend of DA, Muxxi shares with us her surreal world and fantastical characters. Download it free below and make it part of your everyday. If you’d like to be notified when the next one is released, sign up to our newsletter.


  1. Thanks for the lovely invitation, you guys are the best! :)

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