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by OKAT 3

Warblevision | Doodlers Anonymous

Friend of DA, Jangojim, dropped me an email with a heads up on his friend, Alex Warble and a recent video he posted of the process of going from doodle to digital (youtube link). I watched the video, and then spent some time on Alex's quirky and off-the-wall website, where links and colorful images are sporadically laid-out across the page. I quickly got lost in his world of imaginative and almost child-like highbrow meets lowbrow art. He's a music/mural/painting loving mad man and I'm happy to have discovered him. You should too, and if you reside in Memphis you're probably already quite familiar with his murals spread across town.


  1. that last one is my favorite, very cool!

  2. Mix tapes = Awesome sauce

  3. That first one is amazing. I wish I could see it 5x bigger. Reminds me a bit of \"Where\'s Waldo\".

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