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by Daphne 13

Saturated | Doodlers Anonymous

You can't discuss Diela Maharanie's art without praising her prismatic, high-gloss, candy-like use of color. But, it's the colored noses of her women - a mere dab on the face - that somehow command my attention even amidst a wild assortment of patterns and animals. It's as if their skin has saturated the vibrant world they inhabit.

You now have the chance to color her work yourself - Diela is one of the 60 artists featured in our new coloring book!


  1. Very cool! The one of the girl floating over the mountains is amazing. I kinda want her jacket!

  2. Beautiful! Hooray for color!

  3. Diela is a boss ! :)

  4. this is so amazingly good. I love her work.

  5. Wow! Diela Maharanie, you are incredibly talented. I love the color used, so vivid and unique. Thanks for the upload and good job!

  6. Loved the colors, pattern and the style..Diela :)

  7. wow! These are all really amazing!! I love all the colors!!!

  8. Awesome work!


  10. i love the patterns!

  11. love the colourful patterny beautiful pictures of diela! so bright and lovely to look at.

  12. now i want to get out my inktense pencils and saturate saturate

  13. She came from Indonesia!! Just like me!

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