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Portland Travelogue

by Hugo Seijas 5

Portland Travelogue | Doodlers Anonymous

I always romanticized about creating my own travelogue, but whenever I travel, I never get around to it. Perhaps when I'm away from home my curiousness of unseen places overtakes that internal desire. I guess that's why I turn to the web to live out this dream through someone else. Recently, Mike Rohde's Portland travelogue peaked my interest. At first I wasn't exactly clear why. But through the process of writing this very entry I realized that his travelogue was not filled with overly-stylized drawings or excessive details, just sprinkles of doodles across the pages that allowed my imagination to simmer with visuals of places I've never been.

Hugo Seijas

Hugo doodles in code. He breathes life into countless websites. And now he's showing off for DA.


  1. Awesome!! I

  2. love Portland and Mike definitely got the feel of it.

  3. so many heroine junkies at the eugene location :(666)

  4. *voodoo doughnuts*

  5. @heath -- you know, even though I\'m in Miami, I\'ve somehow heard of Voodoo Doughnuts...

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