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Member Spotlight: Anika

by OKAT 12

Member Spotlight: Anika | Doodlers Anonymous

I remember seeing Anika's work back in 2010 when she participated in a giveaway we were doing here on the site. It's been a long time since then, but now she's captured my attention again with her pattern a day series on flickr.

The quick and simple doodles loosely repeat themselves in bright colors on the pages of her sketchbook. She claims there's no theme, but look how complementary and developed they appear when presented in the context of a set. Join me in encouraging her to keep it going over the coming months. YAY Anika!


Anika has been a member of the Doodlers Anonymous community since June 2009


  1. yay! i love anika\'s patterns. and her instagram stream is one of the best: daily doodles plus really beautiful landscape photos too.

  2. What a fantastic surprise! Thanks so much for sharing my patterns! :)

  3. that\'s really beautiful, want this patterns on my clothes !

  4. Hooray Anika!

  5. Yay Anika! We love patterns!!!

  6. I love the patterns!

  7. Yes we do :)

  8. cool

  9. cool

  10. This is awesome! Creative stuff. Good job Anika, I really like your stuff :)

  11. I really really like this. A lot!

  12. I love the block of nine patterns, some wonderful colours :-)

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