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Sketchbooks with Infinite Detail

by OKAT 16

Sketchbooks with Infinite Detail | Doodlers Anonymous

I don't have a patient hand when it comes to drawing. I tend to move the pen quickly and skip the details. My perspective is off, my lines are crooked and the drawing is typically made on something ephemeral, like a random scrap of something. And then I move on.

The sketchbook of Mattias Adolfsson is the opposite of mine in every which way. There's tons of detail, patient lines, and incredible depth and perspective. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how this is all done within the confines of a Moleskine sketchbook. Below is a selection of my favorite and it goes without saying that you should visit his site and see them in even greater detail.


  1. exquisite

  2. Awesome! I love these time lapses!

  3. Been a fan of Mattias for a long time now and still can\'t get enough of hist stuff ! the video was definitely a plus !!

  4. Adolfsson has an amazing mind...

  5. so much detail is mesmerizing.

  6. Inspiring to say the least.

  7. Tops!

  8. Wow!

  9. Mattias is a doodling machine! I don\'t think you\'ll ever find a more prolific moleskine artist.

  10. I love your details..and looking forward to another video of you drawing. stay creatve :-)

  11. Brilliant. Really, really interesting to look at.

  12. Well this is absolutely stunning. My gosh, the attention to detail is spectacular. Really like this style of art, my favorite are the first two. Keep up the good work Matthias!

  13. So much detail ! Great Job !

  14. I wish I had one sketchbook that was this good let alone that giant stack of them! :-)

  15. The details are amazing. Great Job!

  16. What kind of sketchbooks are those?

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