Inspiration: Art

Starbucks Coffee Cup Doodles

by OKAT 14

Tokomo draws cute characters that interplay with Starbucks coffee cups. Day after day she uploads doodles to her Instagram feed that receive quite the love (over 2,000 likes an image). Her consistency is incredible and I'm always pleased when she reveals how the drawing will play onto the surface of the cup.

Starbucks owes this girl some stock options.


  1. I adore this, it\'s so whimsical :)

  2. This is the best I seen in a long time. Like ever! Plus I love the coffee.

  3. No idea why, but I really like that style! Agree, Starbucks should commission her.

  4. Wonderfully inventive and what a sure hand this artist has!

  5. So gorgeous!!

  6. She has 23k followers in Instagram! She\'s amazing ;)

  7. She just got a new instigram follower

  8. Absolutely lovely... I wish to meet her someday... ^____^

  9. ugh, STarbucks has the worst coffee ever, but Tokomo makes it better. ha.

  10. Such a cute & whimsical idea! Love!

  11. Made me laugh, work

  12. This is awesome! The one with the cat is my favorite :)

  13. This is amazing, especially love the first one

  14. Such an amazing idea and so beautifully captured on camera too!

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