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by Hugo Seijas 0

Boo! | Doodlers Anonymous

I could have gone the ghouls and goblin route — those maliciously-frighting creatures that roam the night, but instead I choose pay tribute to the friendlier Ghost. You know the one: draped in white, a shocked face, and sometimes even shy. It is certainly one of the more charming characters in All Hallow's Eve. This is my tribute (above by obsequies).

Ghost Doodle by Mary Ruth Butterworth

Ghost Doodle by Zoar Creative

Ghost Doodle by Spill Your Gutts

Ghost Doodle by Mondo Ghosto

Ghost Doodle by thisisrabbit

Ghost Doodle by Karl Addison

Ghost Doodle by Rubber Rodeo

Ghost Doodle by Mary Patchin


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